• GUITAR LESSON VIDEO - Approaching the IONIAN Mode
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Ah, the IONIAN mode - otherwise known as the western major scale, this super-vanilla seven-note construction is the basis for the vast majority of pop music, from "Happy Birthday" to "Louie Louie".

This guitar lesson explores various ways to approach soloing in major key situations, using not just the IONIAN mode, but also the major pentatonic, major blues, minor pentatonic, minor blues and the Japanese Hirujoshi scales.

In this 20-minute video, Andee demonstrates and discusses improvisational approaches to all of the aforementioned scale choices, with emphasis on finding spicer and more exotic ways to stretch the harmonic reality of this traditionally "happy" sounding musical environment.

He demonstrates sample licks for each of the six scales at the end of the lesson.

This download also comes with a C IONIAN jam track and a tablature doc which transcribes one position for each of the six scales invoked in the video, as well as the sample licks for each one.

MAC users can view the video using the VLC or QuickTime players.

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