BST COVERS (16 tracks)
  • BST COVERS (16 tracks)
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This 16-track collection features Black Sugar-ized reworkings of faves by Bowie, Prince, Squeeze, Jellyfish, Fleetwood Mac, etc. All done in good fun, of course.

Track list: 01 Pop Life (Prince cover) 02 Mouth To Mouth (The Glove cover) 03 Slap & Tickle (Squeeze cover) 04 From Rush Hour With Love (Republica cover) 05 Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover) 06 TVC15 (David Bowie cover) 07 To A Muse (Patti Rothberg cover) 08 I Know There's Something Going On (Frida cover) 09 Sheer Heart Attack (Queen cover) 10 Ghost At Number One (Jellyfish cover) 11 1978 (Toy Love cover) 12 Cities In Dust (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover) 13 Rabid/Halloween (The Damned/Misfits cover) 14 Heaven Or Hell (Enuff Z'Nuff cover) 15 You Should Be Dancing (BeeGees cover) 16 On A Plain (Nirvana cover)

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