In The City's Arms: Double CD and Download
  • In The City's Arms: Double CD and Download
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2-CD, 24-track double album will ship within a week and you'll receive an email with a download code for the album (which you can collect here).

DISC ONE 01 Machinegun Sun 02 California Time 03 Nina Simone 04 Puzzle 05 City Song 06 Angel In Front Of Me 07 Last Train 08 All Yr Heroes Are Dead 09 Follow The Black Car 10 Every Blessing 11 In The City's Arms

DISC TWO 01 Love Won't Hear You Scream 02 Unknown Better Than Familiar 03 Spilling From The Wet Mouth Of Hell 04 Dead On 05 Your Bell Never Rang 06 Fairie Spring 07 Ancient Wishes 08 City Song 2 09 Pale Non Souls 10 Flashbulb Disease 11 War Cry 12 Swipe Right 13 Stuck It To You

MUSICIANS: Andee Blacksugar Keith Robinson Thomas Hutchings Jimmy Lopez Joanna Choy Matt Farley Shannon Conley Leon Gruenbaum Matt Katz-Bohen Adam James Mike Hansen Dave Smith

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