Our Story

Over the course of Black Sugar Transmission's decade-long existence, the postpunk electro-pop outfit has always strained at the limitations of genre tags. Equal parts jagged new wave, power pop harmony, metallic muscle, glammy swagger and techno-gasmic sound design, BST lives on its own singular piece of musical real estate.


BST is helmed by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/singer Andee Blacksugar, who frequently includes a colorful and ever-expanding array of outside musicians to bring extra dimension to his recordings.

The band (or, more accurately, umbrella collective) has released eight albums to date, including a couple cheeky full-length covers (re-imaginings of Madonna's classic dance-pop debut and Motorhead's indestructible Overkill LP).

"Fist-pumping, melodic and highly destructive dance-rock" -- David Adler, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Glittery pop with a dark heart...even by the third of fourth listen you’ll be trying to work out why it works: imagine a cocktail made with ingredients that really shouldn’t complement each other, but in the end tastes like the best party you’ve ever been to." - Echoes & Dust 

"Andee spikes his hair like Daniel Ash but can be as refined as Peter Murphy." -- Tris McCall Report

"If you wanted to know what would happen if you put the 1991 Lollapalooza lineup all in one band, this might be a good estimate" -- Muscles Were Invented By Communists

"GENIUS" -- Vernon Reid